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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bisbee Plein Air Painting

The Plein Air Painting Competition is over, and everyone is taking a breather.....phew!
It's an intense weekend, full of crazed painters gobblling up as much of Bisbee scenery as we possibly can.

I won second on "The People's Choice" Award with this painting of Marsha's garden.
Although it's not big money, in my opinion "The People's Choice" is the most rocking award.
Marsha bought this one, thanks Marsha!

I sold this painting too. In a year when people just aren't buying art as much, this is a good thing.
It' s my opinion that The Bisbee Plein Air Painting needs a wine garden. We need to lubricate
people's wallets.
Afterwards, it seems the whole town broke out in spontanious dance parties everywhere we went! Be it Seth's expresso bar ( where we danced to 80's music for a set) The Screaming Banshee Pizza ( where we took it over and danced for hours), or Hot Licks (where we danced all night long!) I love Bisbee!


  1. Sorry I missed the day time activities, but sure had a blast at night!

  2. When I read your blog, makes me miss Bisbee and yet, and yet.....This is just a short respite to add flavor to the Bisbee stew when we do return. There really IS something about living on the ocean.

  3. Yes, and I'd say you've got the best of both worlds! I love Mazatlan and Mexico in general!