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Friday, December 10, 2010


I felt like busting out with some big sloppy mess before I go to work.
Something with some dopey name like "Ascension".
I wonder, what does it make you think of?


  1. or a dopey name like Procession

    i think Ascension is a perfect name.

    So at first i saw three kings and then before i even noticed the name i thought looks like beings moving upwards like an ascension into heaven.

    love the white horse...but suddenly the words 'Knights in White Satin" comes to mind which leads me to think of the song by same name...

    ok back to work. Thanks for giving me some daydream time

  2. Reminds me of stacked books with giant paintbrushes standing up on top of the books.

  3. Awesome, thanks for your interpretation!

  4. Reminds me of steps to "enlightenment." Robed gurus on each landing with another tidbit of wisdom to impart. I gave John a monoprint class here, one that Mark Jay took, and his creative side really opened up. I love what he did. Take a gander at the studio and his work.

  5. Makes me certain that if I drink all those bottles of wine while reading all those books I will rise, in most uncertain terms, to a higher plane, especially if one of those isn't a wine bottle, but a bong.

  6. Wow, Zoe, are those John's monoprints? I really like the simplicity, which I'm learning, seem to work best for monoprints. Tell him to keep up the good work!