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Monday, February 28, 2011

Melissa Reaves, Your Fake Song

Yesterday we made our first music video!
Melissa Reaves singing "Your Fake Song" with dance by Wyld Vybe Belly Dance!
I love Bisbee. You can concieve of an idea on the fly... and because everyone is so creative and game... the next moment it's really happening!

This is me realizing I can make videos on my camera.
Here's a mini-mini. I'll get a card with more space!


  1. Cool and wonderful, it works now. I went on to your FB page, with my fake anonymous secret identity and got to see all your latest stuff, sorry I missed the copper queen thing, but didn't know about it. OK I will have to remember to check that FB more! Great and awesome job!

  2. Yes, I try to post it here, but as you and Wendy are about my only readers, check FB for all the latest!!!

  3. Hang on...what about me?? do i count as a reader??(dont ask my mother that question she would say no). have i been away too long??? love your blog.

    i am really diggin Melissa Reaves version of Your Song er your fake song. I bet this was really fun...wish i was there

    sending much love and groovy thoughts your way ~ KC

  4. Well said KC, what about me too???