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Sunday, March 27, 2011

FAKE Youth Arts Festival

MAKE Youth Arts Festival was a smashing success, as was FAKE, our Fake Jan life-drawing event!


  1. I love the composition of that very top one! All are so great. Did Axel change his hair color and cut his hair? Sorry I missed all of this, won't make that mistake next year, even if I don't have a child to bring. Ember went with her dad, so I went swimming. Bridget is a great FAKE JAN! WOW! blown away!

  2. I just realized that Ember is in one of these photos! At least I think that's her! So cute. It wasn't in the other batch, and as I was checking these out, it came to me, that it very much looks like Ember, I am sure she loved this. I love the way she filled in the entire background too! Thanks so much GB!

  3. Ember wasn't around on this day, atleast not at the Fake Jan event!