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Monday, April 2, 2012

MAKE.... Jimi wear a cat suit!

This year's "Drawing with the Art Envoys" featured "Timi T" as that thespian cat kids can't get enough of!

The boys loved to draw him with fangs,

crazy eyes,

and super-powered force-fields,

...exploding into outer space!

While the girls preferred little hearts,

big hearts,

cute pink ears,

and silly messages!

All the kids enjoyed the hi Jinx of Timi T!

Because he's cool,

sort of scary,

Well, questionably scary.

Maybe not scary enough!

O.K., he needs to work on his scary factor!

At times a stern Paintress was called onto the scene to keep the kids in line,

but they were so well behaved,

so focused,

helpful and considerate,

and made such great art,

that it was hard for the Paintress to do anything but laugh!

Secretary Ivy was there to keep order too,

and when one Ivy had to leave, another one took her place!

Yes, everybody loves Timi T!

He makes friends easily,

plays well with others,

and keeps things tidy too!

All the art will be shown at Poco on "Quarto De Meow"
( May 4th), for the Bisbee SNIP cat spay and neuter fund-raiser!

Thank you, Jimi G, ah, I mean Timi T!
Good luck with your serious acting career!

Here is a sample of Timi's theatrical work!

Timi T performs every other Tuesday with The Rum Tum Tuggers Theatrical Troupe at the El Frida Arizona farmer's market!

Look, Timi T! You've made the front page of the Herald!



  2. You are awesome!! Love it!!!! What great memories for the youngons!!

  3. Those Ivy's, they come they go.........