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Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Trip to rainbow Candyland! My 50th Birthday party at Doug Stanhope's magic playhouse!

Doug and I

Diane Bombshelter, myself, Justice, two Jens, and a Doug.

Who are those mystery celebs?

Why it's Doug and Mayor Adriana!

Diane Bombshelter!

The Paintress and The Unicorn.

Coleena, Doug, Gretchen, Diane

Jessica, Cam Fly, Becky Reyes, Megga, and Coleena!

Cam and Megga with Bisbee's new heartthrob, Charlie!

The Playhouse grounds. The playhouse and grounds were built by Shawnee, by the way!

Logan, Shawnee, Margo.

Swami Serena!

Cam made me this killer Paintress coat!

Can you dig it?

Yes we can!

Carolyn and her yet to be born son, Haven.
I'm not a big fan of babies, but I will try to make an exception here!

Thanks all!

I had a wonderful 50th birthday party!

Brad, the fire marshall, on the job.

Live entertainment by Melissa Reaves and Junior Stopka!

Thank you everyone! Best birthday ever!


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  2. Sorry I couldn't drag my ass out, looks like a fine time was had. I learned so much from this post -- didn't know Carolyn's pregnant, and I DIDN'T KNOW CAM'S BACK!