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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some things about our friend Bingo

B. I. N. G. O. !

This is our friend Bingo.

She's part monster, part bunny,

and part girl.

She lives in a little orange house in a very bright land.

She plays a pink polka-dotted trombone,

but only knows two songs.

Sometimes she likes to eat things.

She always likes to laugh.

She likes to have her friends and neighbors come play with her.

She also likes to go visit her friends and neighbors.

When she feels shy she hides in the background,

or just hangs around the house.

She likes to watch the moon rise from her cabbage patch.

Twilight is her favorite time and her favorite show.

She keeps her costumes outside in a tree.

Also, she can run really fast.

Sometimes she just sails away to strange places we do not know.

But she always comes back again.

I'll tell you more about Bingo tomorrow!

But that's all for now!

B. I. N. G. O. !

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paintress Gretchen welcomes you!

Meet Gretchen Baer: Art Ambassador to Hillary Clinton, Paintress of The Bisbee Royale Theatre, Director of the Art Envoy Institute, and Daughter Of The American Revolution!

Born and raised on the Island of Martha's Vineyard, Gretchen hails from a long line of miniature ship in a bottle builders, Yankee Sea Captains, and war heroes that foundered at sea.

(Great Grandfather Captain Leroy Lair, who narrowly escaped foundering, Circa 1885)

Gretchen grew up in her own fantasy Island that few cared to visit. She was considered by many to be mildly retarded. She was given plenty of space and encouragement to develop her own brand of creativity in her field of interest....coloring!

Her father, Gene Baer, a painter and the island's only art teacher at the time, spent years teaching his daughter just about everything she knows about art.

After barely surviving the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School, Gretchen was happy to be shipped off to Boston to "Massachusetts College of Art", the alma mater of both of her parents!

( Gretchen's mom, the glamourous Jackie Baer at Mass Art, circa 1953)

Here, young Gretchen and her pals moved into the school's massive cellar system.
They created a glittering underground kingdom that they illegally inhabited for three incredible years.
During this "Le Group" period, Mizz Baer received much of her revolutionary training as a guerilla artist.
Four and a half years later, she emerged out of the underworld, clutching a diploma with a degree in fine art!

( Art School, circa 1983)

After spending the next few years traveling in Mexico and Central America, Gretchen stumbled into Bisbee, Arizona, which suits her aesthetics perfectly!
Here, she learned from her friends Kate Pearson and Harrod Blank, that traveling should be done in high style. Thus she began a love affair with movable, livable art... art cars, art boats, and finally, the piece de resistance, the sailing art raft!

(Click on any picture to enlarge)

After two years before the mast, and one nasty shipwreck that resulted in almost foundering at sea, the Paintress washed ashore and swore off sailing forever!

Back in Bisbee, Madame Baer met the man of her dreams, the super sweet, smart, sexy and talented Shawnee...

Together, they teamed up to create an arty party club called El-Change-O! where lots of great bands played and was lots of fun while it lasted!

Gretchen's next big artistic adventure lay in the unlikely field of politics.
Although she had no interest or knowledge in the political arena, she is a big fan of Hillary Clinton.
Having made a sworn oath to herself that she would do anything in her power to help if Hillary ever ran for President, Gretchen ventured into this new territory as leader of The Hillary Clinton Army.
Tossing all boring convention aside, she promised all joiners that the H.C.A. would put the party back into Democratic party, a promise that was kept and then some!
In less than two months, Gretchen was formally introduced to Hillary, and the troops were marching off into battle!

Thus, Gretchen became completely and most-likely annoyingly absorbed with the H.C.A.
She quickly made an art car and drove off to join the campaign trail!
She was given full access to Hillary's secretary who helped secure a space at rallies for the Hillcar in many states.
Gretchen and The Hillcar have the honor of playing a small role in this important period of U.S. history, which is pretty cool!

After such exciting wins and a big disappointing loss, it was time to get back home and get back to reality. The war was over. The troops were sent home.
It was time to re-invent!

For Gretchen, this meant she had to put all her time and energy into developing her own thing.... painting!

Now Gretchen focuses all of her time, money and energy on honing her painting skills.
She has created hundreds, maybe even thousands of oil paintings!
(Please visit Gretchen Baer's Art or scroll though this blog and check out more!)

She began with art show themes about her experiences with Hillary....

then continued on to paint more favorite themes, like Glamour...

The Brady Bunch,

and most recently, THE BISBEE REVOLUTION!

The Paintress also spends her time giving free classes to Youngers who are outstanding in their field, at The Art Envoy Institute, (also known as Gretchen's studio at Central School Project!)

(Abby Hottel, 9 yrs old)

Meanwhile, Shawnee's wildest dreams have come true!
He is the manager, sound and lighting engineer, and techo-geek-audio-wizard of Bisbee's up-coming hot new nightclub... The Bisbee Royale!

Gretchen, now the Official Paintress of The Bisbee Royale, hopes you will join her for more fun and colorful adventures, whatever they may be!

Viva La Bisbee Revolution!

Special thanks to Jackie Baer for archival photos, and to Jimi Giannatti ( AKA Pop Narkotic ) and Shawnee for all the awesome posters!!

The Revolution will be Non-toxic!

I'll begin by putting aside all toxic art supplies for a while!

"The Revolution will be Non-toxic!"
Cut Arches archival watercolor paper, watercolor pencils, and gouache. 150.00

Monday, February 13, 2012

Visions of The Bisbee Royale

This is a drawing using watercolor pencils on Arches watercolor paper, layered by cutting and glueing. 10" by 14"
(Click to view larger)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A few drawings from G.B.'s Home of Convalescing Nuns

"G.B.'s Home of Convalescing Nuns" Watercolor pencil on archival Arches watercolor paper.
10" by 12". 50.00

"Bisbee Blanket Parade and Cat Mountain". Watercolor pencil on archival Arches watercolor paper. 10" by 12", 75.00

"The Everything Revolution", Watercolor pencil on archival Arches watercolor paper. 10" by 14", 75.00

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Painting Melissa Holden

Melissa Holden, Director Of Central School Project and front-runner of the Doug Stanhope Celebrity Death Pool.

The Revolution continues....