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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Doug, Bingo, Atheist Tornado girl and the Mayor of Iceland's son

A lovely evening was spent with the Atheist tornado girl, whom Doug threw a fund-raiser for to give her the money to buy a new house.

Also joining us was the Mayor of Reykiayik Iceland's son, Frosti Gnarr.
The Mayor of Bisbee, Adriana Zavala Badal, invited us all to the City Council meeting to welcome these great folks to town.

We all did pretty good about not laughing... 

The cliff notes are that Rebecca moved from that shithole, tornado-pummeled town of Moore, Oklahoma to Washington State, where she is buying a new house.
Frosti and his friend, John are interested in buying a building in Bisbee to build a music studio.
As for me, I would like to go to Iceland!

Thanks Doug and Bingo for another great night!