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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sorry for my slacker blogging!

Hi there to all 3 of you who might read my blog. So sorry to be such a slacker while on my trip to Africa. Turned out I didn't have the band width to post anything here.
We had an amazing time! Kruger National Park is one of Earth's greatest treasures.
I will post more photos soon, but I think my favorite experience.
A leopard, close up and personal!
You can have your car windows down at Kruger, so we always did.
This leopard, a rare sighting to begin with, passed us by not five feet away.
I felt like she was looking right at me, and I think that I might be right about that.
Before she went into a culvert she looked over again, went into the culvert, but then came up for another look.
She then decided not to go into the culvert at all, and sauntered off into the bush.