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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Moving my blog...

Hi friends, I am moving my blog over to my website
This blogspot has an outdated, annoying operating system that officially drives me crazy, 
 so onward and upward we go!
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Love to all two of you who take the time to read this blog.
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Travels With The Hillcar!

We just returned home to Bisbee, Arizona, after two weeks on Hillary Clinton's campaign trail with the Hillcar, my Hillary Clinton-themed art car. Our trip was a big success! 
 My partner Shawnee and I traveled through New York, Conneticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Hillary won in 5 of these 6 states, hurray!
We drive the Hillcar through cities and towns, big and small, far and wide, reminding people to vote, talking to people about Hillary and art, and bringing smiles to people's faces everywhere we go. 
 Our first stop on this trip was New York City, where the Hillcar was an instant hit! I originally made the Hillcar in 2008, when I campaigned for Hillary in many states. I have been proudly driving it ever since. Over the years I have added new colors, new themes, more sparkles and gems, but the sentiment has always been the same... Go Hillary!
 Everywhere I go on the Campaign Trail I wear a Hillsuit. 
A hand-painted Hillary-themed pantsuit. 
 I talk to everyone I meet about the need for more art. 
More art in schools, more art programs for kids. 
More free art programs like my Paint Your Town!  traveling outdoor painting program. Free programs such as my Border Bedazzlers  painting the U.S./Mexicos Border wall with kids. 
Art heals the divide between cultures and countries.

 For most of Hillary's life she has been a  champion for quality education that includes art. She knows the importance of art, which is one of the big reasons I stand behind Hillary.

More art. Quality education. Kindness on the border, and a path towards citizenship. Equal rights. Plus, it's time to show the world what women can do!

 We received lots of Press and opportunities to talk on the Campaign Trail. National media such as TIME MAGAZINE, Huffington PostSky News, Arizona NPR,  AZ Central  LOHUD, NBC, TIME LIVE plus a whole lot more. 
 We had fun with our friends, and made lots of new friends too!
 (Pennsylvania volunteers)
  (Fun people in Rhode Island)

 We saw old friends like Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly.
Gabby and Mark are also out on Hillary's campaign trail.
They supporting Hillary and her plan for sensible gun control. 

 Carol King, who is also out in support of Hillary, loves the   Hillcar.

We met Olympic Gold Metal figure skater Michelle Kwan, who is campaigning for Hillary Clinton all over the country.

 What a delight to meet Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood. 
Cecile knows Hillary will continue the fight for Planned Parenthood as President, and make sure we don't loose our right to choose, as well as have access to free and quality women's health care.

 We met Randi Weingarten, President of AFT American Federation Of Teachers. Randi is fighting for Hillary because Hillary is fighting for quality education.

 We made a new friend named Jennifer McCann, who is a full-time HRC volunteer. We love Jen, and so does Hillary! 
 We made it onto many of Hillary's Flickr pages, 
as well as onto Hillary's Snapchat. I'm the smiley face with hearts for eyes, which sums up how I feel exactly.

But best of all, I met Hillary again after 8 years!

Hillary Clinton is my hero. She has been my inspiration for the past 23 years. 
Whenever I feel down or low energy, I ask myself WWHD? (What would Hillary do? )
Hillary would just keep going, giving her all to giving to others.
No mortal can keep up with Hillary, but we can all try our best.
Hillary has devoted her life to bettering other peoples lives. To giving a voice to those who can't speak up for themselves. To helping each of us reach our highest potential. 
I would like to help Hillary secure the nomination, as well as continue to promote art in schools, art on the border, and more free art programs for kids.
Now I would like to take the Hillcar to California, for their June 7th primary.
But I need your help!
The Hillcar needs more repairs, and travel always costs money that I don't have.
If you donated to this recent trip, thank you so much for making our dreams come true. We love you all and hope you enjoyed the virtual experience. For those who didn't get a chance to help and would like to, here's your opportunity to help make cool stuff happen in the world.
The Hillcar project is 100% grassroots and not affiliated with Hillary's campaign in any way.
You will be able to travel along virtually through Facebook, Twitter, press, videos, etc.
I promise you we will bring color, sparkle, bubbles and FUN to the campaign trail!
There is a Paypal donation button for at the top of this blog.
You can also send a check to:
 Gretchen Baer
PO Box 605
Bisbee, AZ 85603

Thank you so much for supporting my life's art, which is honestly inspired by Hillary Clinton.

With love,

Gretchen Baer