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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Art Envoys/Season 2

We are firing up another season of The Art Envoys!
Jade, Lily, and Randy will be kicking off our season premiere with some spectacular never-before-attempted art antics to amaze and dazzle the eyes!
Start making some popcorn, because this season will be live-streamed directly onto your computer!
All your Art Envoy questions will be answered.
Questions like....

Will Jade ever wear a bright colored pantsuit?

Will Lily comes to terms with her inner Yoko Ono?

Will Toulouse fly the coup?

What do Lily and Randy talk about when they think no-one is listening?

We'll be treating you to another series of that wildly popular internet game we call Dream Creatures!
You know, the one where you describe the creatures who live in your dreams to us on Facebook, and we'll bring them to you in living color within 20 minutes!

Here's Jade's "Foot-eating monster" painted by Lily.

And yes, between all the razzle-dazzle, there will be times of quiet contempation and thoughtful painting

But enough of that already....
Put on your polyester Pantsuit and get ready for
The Art Envoys/ Season 2!



  1. I am so excited! Can't wait to check out the zany goodness of it all!

  2. I enjoyed the new and old photos!