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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Monsters and Mythical Creatures

Yesterday, Art Envoy Lily and I played a game on Facebook called "Monsters and Mythical Creatures".
In this game ( which I made up yesterday) we asked people to write in their imaginary monsters and mythical creatures and we would attempt to paint them.
Julia wrote in first, asking Lily to paint her creepy childhood boogieman, who peered in through her window.

I love this one!
Wendy asked me to paint a "Three-legged, camel-toed juice sloth".

Next, jade asked Lily to paint a be-jeweled faun.

Lily in action.

Pauline asked for a creature who had butterfly wings, a fluffy body, a lizards tail, a red panda's head, a duck bill, and otter legs.

Jade asked Lily to paint her childhood nightmare of a "Foot-eating crab".

Denise wanted a "Flower-breathing, pomegranate -eating dragon".

Alison asked for "The twin brother and sister of a Mermaid and a Gryphon".

We went in order of who wrote in, and we still have lots of creatures left to paint.
What interests me most is that lots of people are recalling the bizarre creatures that lived in their childhood dreams.
I'd love to get all the Art Envoys on board at once to take on painting everyone's childhood monsters and mythical creatures.


  1. WOW Gretchen this is great! Love it, back from the journey and still catching up. I tried calling you twice from the road but missed you both times. xoKATE

  2. I look forward to hearing about your trip!

  3. To cool! I love the Fawn best of all!

  4. Wow, I love these! Dragging the hidden monsters out of the closet and into the light!

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