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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Painted Turtle

I had the opportunity to paint some wildlife this morning.

No, I didn't paint the actual turtle, but I think somebody must have.
That yellow looks suspiciously like paint.

He is a really nice turtle. He stayed long enough for me to draw him completely from life.

He even hung out to pose with his picture.
Then he split for parts unknown.


  1. Seems like finding a painted turtle to pose for a painting is some kind of PA DUTCHY good luck thing. Smile for once some folks are wonderful nice!

  2. Can we call him Charlie? I love that he stopped by to visit and to pose before moving on. Safe travels, little torty... <3

  3. Charlie works. With a Dutchy last name.

  4. Too cute, I want turtles, we ain't got no turtles out here, only frogs!