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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pluto Mist

You may have heard the news...

"Bingo, Larry Crane, Shawnee, and Danny Plutzer invite you on a exploratory mission to Pluto this Wednesday night at Hot Licks. The atmosphere, which has never ever been explored, promises to be heavy with special effects. Spacesuits and jet packs advisable."
But here's the "Inside Scoop"...

Pluto Mist has never played ever before... and quite possibly never will again!
There will be a heavy emphasis on techo-wizardry and costumry.
HEAR Kate Pearson sing "Police Beat", SEE me blow the dust off my flute, FEEL Bingo's crazy trombone slide inside your mind.
All we know for sure is that the atmosphere on Pluto is a gas!