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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pluto Mist

Pluto was a lovely Planet to be on last night, (Pluto is a Planet, and that's that).
The mist was dreamy, the air was a cool blue, the people were colorful and fun.
The drink of the night, aptly called "Pluto Mist" is a blue Red Bull/ tequila/Absolute Citron /blue caurcao martini, served up in a blue glass.
The band was invented just a few days ago. There was no practicing, and no songs were written. Brilliant. It stars Kuiper, Misty, Cranius, and Pluto .
I'm a Special guest (who would like to be in the band now that I see it is all fun and no practice).
Dig it!

Kuiper set the tone with her bad-ass horn-playing. My favorite new song she sings is called "Hamburg Leather Party".... where the party, and the song, never ends.

Misty is the genius behind the band. His killer techno-wizardry makes everything sound groooovy!

I played a couple of my new hit singles. This one is called "Ponies on Pluto".

And of-course my smash hit, "Janimal".

Kate sent everyone into deep space with "Police Beat", in which she sang the police beat from the local paper. I thought she made up the bit about cows seen wearing ponchos and sombreros, but I am told that in-fact a complaint was filed. Hmmmmm....

Cranius's song "Sierra Vista Dating Scene" was hysterical. Even he couldn't keep a straight face!

Pluto wore a "Cloak of invisibility", which made him very difficult to photograph.

There were some exotic Plutoian dancers in the house.

As promised, the scene was laden with special effects.

I would love to strap on a jet pack and visit this mystical, blue Planet again very soon. I hope to see you there!


  1. It was super fun, but could you post a more serious photo of me! HaHa, that must be before the fun started for me on stage. Gregg got some really happy and silly ones, and even recorded me singing, I haven't checked that out yet. It was very impressive! the stage decor the enthusiasm and real talent. Loved that JANIMAL song!!

  2. Just emailed you all my photos from last eve, and watched the movie, it's pretty fun. I don't think I can send the movie, so I'll show you sometime sooooon! Toy Story 3D tomorrow, I'm excited for a movie finally. But the main movie I want to see is CYRUS!

  3. Yes, I seemed to catch an illusive somber moment. I love the pic, so decided to post it. Misty and ethereal...I think you're channeling the Police Beat instead of reading it. If you'd rather a more silly moment, I can change it out.

  4. I loved the Plutonian Mist party last night! Sorry to have missed your first set with you singing "Janimal" and playing your hit singles! Sounds like I missed a one and only moment - even if you all do it again!

    A great night!

  5. And a fine time was had by all, my fellow telepathic costuming sister Plutarian!

  6. I'm totally stealing your Plutoian asymmetrical one pant leg look. I hope you don't mind. I'd forgotten that everything on Pluto is asymmetrical!
    Charlene, thanks for coming!

  7. It's all yours -- I don't own it, just following the way of the Pluuze.