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Monday, January 10, 2011

Dark Carnival with Venus DeMars

Gabby Giffords loves Bisbee, Cafe Roka and fun and this party is dedicated to her.
We love you Gabby. We played as if you were with us tonight.
We send you love, light and healing!


  1. Another fabulous event. I was so glad my old friend Bob got to see Bisbee in action!

  2. Thanks for coming! And damn, I forgot to give you the book. I brought it and everything!

  3. Still down for the count, with 101 fever, and I feel awful. Looks like a wonderful costume party, I think I'll be down for a few more days, Ember had a fever of 103 this am, but it's down to normal now, Gregg took off work and took her to the doctor while I slept. He's now got a fever of 101 too. This is a sick house, stay away! xoKATE

  4. That b#*@h Jesse would not let me leave the house! She just kept on sobbing and shoving cupcakes in her snout! Jeez, what a downer! Sorry to have missed it, hope Venus could carry on with out me... XXOO Louise