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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fruit and Berries

Today was my last day of painting and I finally painted fruit.

I painted strawberries and blueberries,


As well as mangos and kiwis.


I also painted a portrait of Cathryn,

as well as some other stuff.
Now I pretty much whooped.


  1. Love them all, especially the Cathryn one. How many is that Miss GB! It's 100 degrees today, but not too bad in the pool twice and inside with swamp cooler.

  2. I just went back and counted, 11, but I may have missed one? You are really amazing!!!!!

  3. You are right, 11. I thought I did all twelve, but found a blank canvas in the end!

  4. You're pictures are amazing, I like it, colours are phantastic, so powerful, I must often visit your blog
    Sorry for mistake, I don't speak English very well;))