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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Too close for comfort

So there I was, commenting on Janimal's facebook site, when she wrote in. She NEVER makes comments on her own status.

Ooh, too close for comfort!

Governor Jan Brewer @ Ray - I will be in Washington DC this week. I won't back down. However, His schedule was too full to meet with me. Nonetheless, I hope he enjoys the Paul McCartney concert that he arranged at the White House later this week.

7 hours ago ·

Gretchen Baer Will do, Jan! have you had a chance to consider championing human cloning in Arizona?

I fully agree with your decision to ban human-animal cloning, but cloning humans would be a great source of revenue for Arizona and save so many lives!

7 hours ago ·


  1. Oh wow that's scary, and you weren't kidding about having to be up early! Have a safe trip!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. yes... I removed it... it had a dumb typo.

    But I was trying to say something about the slumber party on the S.S. Smelly Cat! We are all sting in what, about 130 sq ft, right?

    Ahoy Matey!

  4. I love that about the three of you, I am currently scraping karate guys off my car with friend Pam, and we've got the halogen out too. More will be done, lots more before the night's out. Nice and cool outside, listening to Everlast! So happy for all three of you, life is so short, enjoy these very special moments! xoKATE