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Friday, June 11, 2010

Lammas Night

My mind is on Lammas Night.
Lammas Night is an ancient pagan festival celebrating the fruits of the Harvest.
It traditionally takes place on August 1st.

Paul C├ęzanne: Still life with Skull

Growing up, Lammas Night was a yearly tradition upheld by my father, Gene Baer.
This creepy night involved a candle lit tour though a WW2 Marine Hospital basement.
It was truly scary and immensely popular with us kids!
We brought it back here in Bisbee a few years ago at El-Change-O! with the Mission Creeps....

It was quite a spectacular event, complete with the beheading of King William the Red,
as well as a woman covered in fruit carried into the room on a plate.
Due to popular demand here in Bisbee, Lammas Night will be celebrated again this summer.
Starring The Mission Creeps and G String Theory, Lammas Night will celebrated at Hot Licks... exact date T.B.A.
I will be painting lots of fruit in anticipation of this event, which I hope to show on this night.
I need a human skull though, does anyone have a loaner?


  1. Sounds GREAT! August 1st's a Sunday, could work? I'm sure it won't be delayed until August 14th, I'll be out of town, on the way to Truth or Consequences!

  2. ...hmmm what are the chances that Jan B's skull would be available in August? hmmm