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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ready, set. paint!

Chef C has given me a most delightful space for a pop-up studio behind her gourmet frozen yogurt shop, "Delisheee Yo," on Hilton Head.

I set up shop this afternoon.

The calls are coming in fast and hard for "Border Bedazzlers Frozen Yogurt Paintings".

Cacao nibs, gogi berries, acia berries, bee pollen, and Quisp. Check.
Chef C designed chocolate sauces. Check.

Wendy's jazz hands. Check.

Chef C and I taking orders for more. More what? Who cares.

O.K., we've got to get back to work now.
"Delisheee Yo" is opening on Friday.
Tune in tomorrow to see how these paintings start to come out!


  1. Hell-Oow Big Brassy! I bak from da dead ! WOW C U Hav New Bloggy BERRY BERRY NICE I Y-KEEE! So do still call U Big Brassy or Paintress???