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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Painting Superfoods

Day one of painting, and it's lots of fun here on Hilton Head.
I'm painting "superfoods", foods that have a super-high nutrient content and contain super-powers from outer-space.
These are Chef C's most important ingredients for her frozen yogurt shop, "Deliseee Yo"that opens on Saturday.
Here's what I painted today...

Indian coconut

Himalayan goji berries

Yes, I actually painted a kokopelli. Cathryn is really into them, and strangely, I enjoyed painting it.
Go figure!
More superfoods coming tomorrow....


  1. Oh yes yes yes! These are far and highly above what I even imagined. They are brilliant and super!!! Cathryn is SO LUCKY! I know you are all having the BEST house boat experience! Gregg and Ember are watching the newly arrived WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE from Nextflix and I hear the great soundtrack in the background. My van's complete for now.

  2. Cathryn is SO SO SO LUCKY to have you and your amazing creative mad skills painting for her. your paintings are going to be the talk of the town er the tourist er the cafe. So Brilliant and colorful and and and well ..."Deliseee Yo"

    Kate...that sounds like fun...i can't tell you how often i put that movie on. i can hear the soundtrack in my head right now.