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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mystery Rider

Today I decorated this pony for a very special Mystery Rider.

What? Huh? Who could this Mystery Rider be?

Who on earth could ride such a sparkly bedazzled My Little Pony?

Stay tuned... The Mystery Rider will soon be revealed!

( Gasp!)


  1. OK, I am dying to know! xoKATE

  2. If you didn't click any of the links above, I will have to tell you.. tomorrow!

  3. Duh, didn't know I could. I will be around IRON MAN to see the amazing art go carts, caught a glimpse last eve and my fave is the Stitches one, Virgin of Guadalupe/Statue of Liberty, will it make it down the hill? Standing proud, I hope so!

  4. See you there! I can't wait to see the Statue of Liberty!