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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bliss 101 Radio

I will be interviewed on Bliss 101 radio tomorrow,
Friday, at 10 AM (MST).
This is internet radio, in which you can listen in by clicking the above link at said time.

For more fun, however, call this number and be part of the action!
(347) 934-0236
Ask a question or put in your two cents.
I hope to hear from you tomorrow!


  1. Oh... you'll get questions... yes.. yes you will.

  2. Bring em on, Lady Layton! The more ridiculous, the better, in my book!

  3. Hey Gretchen I listened and you sounded great and very inspiring! CUDOS to you! xoKATE

  4. Maggie put me on hold and never came back : (