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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Studio Chez Baer

I arrived on the Vineyard this morning and spent the day cleaning "Studio Chez Baer".
Now I lounge upon this glamourous divan as I write.
My mother lent me some stunning items from the house to decorate with.
She also lent me her new bad-ass sound system!

Life is good here at Studio Chez Baer, out on the streets of Martha's Vineyard is another story.
"Vineyard" t-shirts on a sea of white people.


  1. Ooh, I'm excited for you, and, by extension, US!

    Happy sea breezes, and don't forget to keep 'em peeled for Sayid!

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  3. oops..
    So anyhow, looks great in there! Can you ustream a session with Jackie Baer? That would be so cool! Sorry about the tourist vibe.. I know the feeling...

  4. Yes, Wendy, I know you do. I'll just avoid them as much as possible.
    Just went night swimming, no tourists there!

  5. Hey GB, I have such fond memories of my trips to Martha's Vineyard, where to start, but one of the weirder kooky ones, was breaking into the free dump with Jon and you, and the police coming, and us scattering, and me hiding in the woods and finding beautiful Jack in the Pulpits, I'd never seen before growing out of the ground, hyperventilating, but it was worth it. Having my art car LOVE 23 on the island a few times, that was super. Having an art show with you there, just so many. It was before the super tourist times too. Thanks for all of that. xoKATE

  6. Yes, Kate that was funny. I remember biking to my first day of work in a blonde wig, afraid the cops would recognize me!