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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today's paintings

I started the afternoon by painting this...

I then worked on the Kelly portrait.

I gave her a Bisbee background, and cleaned up some things.

And now, I sit here and do this.

Next I will moonwalk to the kitchen.


  1. I like the Bisbee background in the Kelly painting. Saw your car by the waterfall this morning on the way to swim laps. About to have a yummy dinner with Pam and Gregg. Thanks again for the SPECTACULAR LAMMAS NIGHT!!!!!!!

  2. So glad to see you and Gregg's smiling face there.
    I really want to bring back "The Linoleums"soon too!

  3. Yes PLEASE as I only got to dance to one of there songs. We entered the wonderful scene and I grabbed Alicia and we ran to the front and danced, and then sadly, that was the end of the Linoleums! But I GROKKED it, and know I love them!