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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Painting Heather

Heather dropped by The Cleopatra Lounge today, and I ended up painting her.

Just a simple, easy portrait that I painted it as we chatted .


  1. So GREAT to see HEATHER, she looks wonderful, and I love the outfit that she had on. I finally got everything glued to the top of my car, and am a bit worried about how the 28" nome will stay down, have to let it dry for about a week, the fumes of silicone are strong by the van. I just love seeing all your wonderful friends show up on the blog. I have really missed Heather. xoKATE

  2. I will tell her you say this! I love, love, love what your doing with our van! I am unable to respond to emails for some reason, but just wanted to tell you. Awesome! Love the gnome!

  3. Thanks, can't believe I misspelled gnome. I got confused by that on ebay, when I saw it spelled the other way, guess it was an error. Are you ordering more paint? Saw in Tucson THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE and it was super great. Maybe it's playing on the Vineyard? Miss you, Alicia wrote me from Berkeley and said it was 60 degrees, sounds wonderful about right now. Hot sticky spell you are missing!

  4. The weather is cool here. Today it is rainy. I'll keep an eye out for movie!