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Monday, August 30, 2010

Cleopatra Lounge Party

The Cleopatra Lounge party was a blast!
Here's some pics of some of the Stars of the show.

Shelagh, turning away Bart's offerings.

Enough already, says Shelagh. Worshippers just don't understand.

Pheona, Shelagh's daughter. She is a young Princess who's greatest wish is to have her own dog.

Kate Taylor, Mariachi style. We'll be seeing more of Kate this winter, as she is planning a SouthWest tour.

Kate and the mighty Bob Lee.

Kate and I, admiring her portrait.

Our adventurous neighbor, Nanci Dator.

Greg Joannidi

Claire Joannidi

Carol Joannidi, flying with the sea birds.

Betsy Harrington

Bob admiring Kate.

Bob picks a sunflower from my painting.

Kate and boyfriend, Nick.

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful time on the Vineyard.
I love you all!


  1. The white apron? whatever it is looks great with all the white in the background. I am so used to seeing you always in black, nice touch for the photos. Everyone looks like they are having a fun time, where was mom and dad and Jon? Started driving my van and it's fun, had to make sure everything was really dry on top.

  2. I stole the apron look from Kate, way back, as you know.

  3. Kate, I love what your doing with your car! I can't email very easily, so can't reply that way,

  4. Thanks! Not done yet inside. When do you return? I hope to see you before I leave early Friday September 10th morning. I remember your apron phase and loved it. I didn't know Kate Taylor was the inspiration! I love wearing aprons from time to time, myself!