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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Painting Betsy

Painting Betsy Harrington today was a blast!
She is really fun, sparkly, and easy to laugh.
She brought over antlers and pink tulle to wear.
We had to for-go the antlers though, for practicality's sake.

Betsy believes in over-coming fear. She says she doesn't want to be afraid of anything in life.
She deep-sea dives, sky dives, and speaks publicly, among other things.

She made the mistake of admitting to me that she is afraid to sing publicly....

Hello Kareoke!

This has been a great day!


  1. Oh this is so GREAT! Just love what you are accomplishing! You so inspire me my dear friend. I have been knocking out my drawings for melmac, sketched three new ones yesterday, finished a new buddha one two days ago. Will start glueing all the cool things on top of my car tonight! Starting with 28 inch nome and the old camel.

  2. GB..

    OMG! You create the most amazing spaces in the world.. on all levels. I love how you bring all of these incredible people into that and make them shine even brighter! Which of course makes you shine even brighter!

    If I was to ever grow up... I'd wanna be like that.

  3. You Rock,
    Need to scrub my wellies to channel Nancy Sinatra!