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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lammas Night

Lammas Night was a huge sucess, and I think everyone had a blast. I know I did!
Here's some photos of the night.

Jessica from The Linoleums... LOVE HER!

Wyld Vybe Belly dancers

Kate, Alicia, Harrod and Greg.

Wyld Vybe dancing in the streets.

Denise as the Sacrificial Virgin.

Eileen of "G-String Theory".

Kayrn and Danny.

Good King Jason and his belly dancers.

Juliette's bread dolly.

The Green Man and Maia.

Frankie of "The Mission Creeps".


Good King Jason beheading the bread Dolly.

Lammas Night has been a magical experience. Many thanks to everyone for making it happen!


  1. After eating a whole bag of mushrooms I was out of it! I think I had fun, but I can't really remember....

  2. Ha! You looked like you were having fun, if that helps!

  3. Deprivation and all, I only have eyes for the bread dolly! Sorry to have missed it.

  4. Great photos Gretchen, thanks for that! I just loved Shawnee's outfit, and the hurachi's really made it! It was so fun, and I am so grateful that Gregg could be there with me enjoying it so much too. I'll have to steal these photos and get made into actual fleshed out photos. xoKATE

  5. wow.. I mean really..


    Did that rival Bunkers and Crispers?

  6. Great to see you and Gregg, Kate!
    Wendy, Bunkers and Crispers remains in a league of it's own.