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Monday, August 9, 2010

Iceberg Island needs Queen

There is an Iceberg Island that just cracked off Greenland.
It's four times as big as Manhattan, or the same size as Martha's Vineyard.

Until recently, it was ruled by Queen Margrethe II, of Denmark.

The Queen looks like she has a dead bird on her head, or is that Toulouse?
Anyway, since the Iceberg split the scene, I wonder if the Queen still owns it?

Or does she just say "good riddance to bad rubbish" and get on with her day?

If so, then Iceberg Island needs a new Queen.
Preferably, one that has her own helicopter.
The nominations so far are Bjork and Jan Brewer.
I'd like to add Yoko Ono to the list.
Do you have anyone you'd like to nominate?


  1. I think Bobby Trendy would be good ruling an ice island. That queen has a cold heart

  2. Wow I've been out of the loop on news, but got some great melmac done, and on a roll to get more done today! I may actually go to SCRABBLE, not sure at this moment, but off to swim laps soon.

  3. since it's an iceberg...

    what about Queen Hedda Lettuce?

  4. haha "is that Toulouse?" poor Toulouse