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Monday, May 24, 2010

Border Bedazzling Investigation

Gretchen here, reporting live from the Arizona/Mexico Border wall.
We're scouting out the wall from the Mexican side, to see about the possibility of "Border Bedazzling".

Apparently, Mexico doesn't really care about the border wall. In fact I think they rather resent it. Imagine that!

It serves as a good place to advertise, but that's about it, as far as we can see from here.

We try preliminary test on the wall to for future "Border Bedazzling".

All clear. No problems. All systems go!

As we are about to return into the U.S., our true identity is revealed by two gentlemen passing by. Not only do they know our names, but they know we are "Border Bedazzlers"!
(Apparently they read Facebook).

Bill and his friend take us back to their Headquarters, "The Migrant Center and Resource Center".
I've heard about this place, but never been there.
This center is completely run by volunteers. The center provides critical aid to migrants in need of food, clothing, shelter, showers, medical referrals, help with transportation, and a place to sleep. How cool is that?

Here's a family who has just been brought back to Mexico by Border Patrol after who-knows how-many days out in the desert.

They seem really nice to me!

Bill and his friend tell us that any kind of energy we can bring this way is a good thing, and that they think bedazzling the border wall would be terrific!
The Migrant Resource Center is in need of donations of food, clothing, money and time.
We'll be seeing more of these guys for sure!

Since we can't get rid of the wall anytime soon, it would make an excellent canvas for endless painting projects, by as many different artists as we can invite!
Imagine the wall going from this....

to this!
Looks like we've got some bedazzling to do!


  1. I'm madly in love with your proposed wall, Anchorwoman Gretchen! Excellent job scouting, and I'm thrilled that you shared info and images about the Migrant Resource Center. *happy heart* Two thumbs way up! Oh the possibilities!

  2. LOVE it!! I wish there were a "like" button on this page! Let me know if you go for it. I'd love to be involved. -Tamara P.

  3. Such a cool idea! Thanks for the post. Would love to take a field trip as a Bedazzler. Please keep me informed!

  4. If you have any cool color house paint you'd like to donate, let me know!

  5. My comments keep disappearing. Fie on the magician who is doing that from his ethernet tool box. Gretchen, you just keep getting more and more creative and I fear spontaneous combustion! (Who the hell is Frank? Hey, guy, it's called grammar and spelling.)