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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Illusion of Glamour

A long time ago, I scrawled the words
in lipstick across my bedroom mirror.
I then found myself contemplating this as I
stared at my own reflection.
We spend our lives creating and re-creating
these illusions upon ourselves
and upon the things around us.
But this is what I enjoy about life the most...
creating our own vision of reality.
What a joke, all of it.... but what fun too!
This is what my new work is all about...

"The Illusion of Glamour",
New oil paintings by Gretchen Baer,
Saturday, May 15th, 5-9 PM.


  1. My illusion of glamour is growing old gracefully and still hoping to wear the coolest cargo shorts when I'm 90...

    I am such a slobby twat waffle! I am beyond fashion

  2. This simply isn't true. Your creating an illusion in cargo shorts, I'm creating an illusion in a pleather pantsuit.
    O.K., I don't have a pleather pantsuit...yet!

  3. How I wish that I could be at your show!!! I would wear my big red straw hat(with the mouse hole and the cabbage roses and the dangley grapes) Yo' mama