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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Song for the fishes

Today's painting is called "Song for the fishes".

There's a whole lot of hopelessness surrounding the Gulf oil spill, and a whole lot of sorrow.
Not fun to talk about, so I painted this instead.
If it looks familiar, it was another painting last week, and now it's submerged.
This painting would look good with that fish tank application, I'll have to try that.
On a happier note, Jan Brewer is spending 10 million dollars on a "Border Enhancement Program"*. I wrote her and told her I have lots of decorative enhancement ideas.
Rhinestone studding the wall comes to mind.
Perhaps she'll choose me to be on her enhancement committee... if so, I'll need your help bedazzling!

*Oh darn, I misread, it's actually a "Border Security Enhancement Program", I guess she's thinking about bedazzled uniforms... well, I can work with that!


  1. Oh yeah, 10 million dollars on border security and close 13 state parks, way to go JANASS.

    Love the painting! You're on a wonderful roll!