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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bring back the Old West!

Hmmm, life sure has been more fun since Janimal came along.....

O.K. Listen up people, Janimal's talkin'. In so many words she says it's our right to blow away illegal Mexicans when they enter NRA country. Ya baby!

She;s so awesome, you go girl! Janimal really knows how to throw a party!
She allows guns, bazokas, machine guns, and anything else you can "slip into your garter".... and you don't even need a license!
This could be the start of a whole new commerce in Bisbee. We could bring back the Old West, like Tombstone... only for real! Just think how much people would pay to be in a real bar shoot-out experience!
There's a lot of political things going on in our area this "Armed Forces Day"....
There is a huge protest on the Douglas/Mexico border about Jan's immigration bill.
There is a Gabby Giffords "Day of Action". Gabby supporters will walk through Southern AZ
to collect signatures for her re-election in out-lying areas....all while sprinkling wild flower seeds.
Damn hippies.

They'll be plenty to shoot at along the border this Saturday... whoop, whoop !
Janimal! Janimal!


  1. Always Keep it Loaded! Take it away boys......

  2. where is a bow and arrow when you need it? So the NRA and the NRA Alumni and the NRA new members and the NRA board put this crazy woman in office. The power of a pistol. Today, a school in IL decided to not go to AZ to play a High School Basketball game... Sarah Palin is up in arms about it. haha

  3. Sarah and Janimal are buddies. Scary, huh?