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Monday, May 10, 2010

Thanks, Janimal!

Many thanks to Jan Brewer for making this Armed Forces Day a special one.
This Saturday we will celebrate Armed Forces Day in style with my "Illusion of Glamour" art show, G-String Theory and the Mission Creeps. BANG!
Perfect timing on your new law to allow unlicensed weapons in bars and art galleries Jan!
Everyone knows guns and glamour go hand in hand!

Here's a few ideas for what to wear on Saturday...

A Hello Kitty machine gun would be awesome!

Some Carebears armor would be sweet and keep you safe!

Here's my favorite... a My Little Pony Bazoka! Always a show-stopper here in Bisbee!

Thanks Janimal, you rock!
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  1. I am seriously diggin that care bear armor....i'm thinkin it would keep the Zombie's at bay

  2. Zombie's would tear your head off and eat your brains, so it probably wouldn't help. But it would look cool just the same!