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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Inspirational Women series

Yesterday, as I was finishing up this portrait of Eileen, I found myself dreaming up an idea for my next show...

I imagined painting a series of portraits of women who are inspirational.
In the portraits I would do my best to capture their strength... straight on and honest.
In my some-what delusional mind, I imagined that perhaps I could seek out a grant for this project. I could travel around and paint these portraits of women.
Men get enough credit, I don't worry about them.
Women, on the other hand, are still relatively new to this concept of complete self-confidence and inner strength.
I believe we seek it out in others, as a light to guide us. We know it when we see it.
I think we all have a desire to become strong, self-confident and self-realized.
To know what our strengths are, and how to use them to their best ability.
This is just an idea, maybe it's too corny or maybe it's a good one.
Of-course I would start my series with my friends right here in Bisbee.


  1. It's a great idea and it wouldn't hurt to try to get a grant, what can they say, yes or no. There are so many wonderful, strong women in Bisbee too. Thank you for the amazing painting, I am flattered beyond belief! I love you, my friend!

  2. It's my opinion that no idea should be contingent upon getting a grant.
    If you're passionate enough to do it, then grant or no you do it any way.
    However it never hurst to try!

  3. Hey GB, I love the new background alot! on Eileen's painting. Love the idea you came up with, Arizona Commission on the Arts just might go for it, I think deadlines for grants are September, so maybe really timely. Sign me up for a new portrait by you! I have three already, but this new larger canvas style you are using is GREAT! Off to swim laps, soaking at the Roper Lake we missed you!

  4. I would still love to go to Roper before it closes. I'll check into the AZ Arts Commission!

  5. yes!!!! make your dream list and do it. YOU are inspirational!! i hope the funding grant goddesses come through for this great idea!

  6. We shall see! I'll start to work on this right after my art show!