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Monday, May 3, 2010

Czar and Tsar in session

"Czar and Tsar" are currently in session, let's listen in...

CZAR: "Isn't it great that we've joined forces?"

TSAR: "Absolutely! I don't think people realize how bitter we really were."

CZAR: "I could never tell if you were joking, or if our feud was real."

TSAR: "I treasure our friendship, but Bisbee really only has room for one Tsar. Because it's in the true nature of a Tsar to not share power. But then when I saw the damage that our feud was having, making people choose.... usually you".

CZAR: "Isn't it ironic that we now share a studio space"?

TSAR: "A cynical person may say it's all part of my plan. After all you are above me. Your studio, that is. But we both agree that our power combined is much greater, and can do more good. By good, I mean for good for ourselves."

CZAR: So we both agree we are now "Czar and Tsar"?

TSAR: "Right, Tsar and Czar."

(Strained hugs and scheming glances)

Awkward silence....

CZAR: "So how's wedding photography treating you?"

TSAR: "Well enough that I can afford to have you come over and paint my house".

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