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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Go-Gettem Girls

I'll admit, I'm a post-show zombie with nothing better to do than drop " awesome" ideas on Jan Brewer on her Facebook page. This is such a guilty pleasure!
Here's an idea I'm gonna lay on Janimal today, as soon as she posts on Facebook.
It will go something like this...
"Jan, here's an idea for a commercial for you to suggest to Sarah just as soon as she announces that she's chosen you for her running mate in the 2012 Presidential election.
Imagine, you and Sarah, dressed in red, white and blue fitted leather motorcycle suits, hoping onto your motorcycles to protect our borders.
(Your allowed to ramble on on Jan's site, as no-one pays attention anyway... kinda like this blog!)
"Meet the Go-Gettem Girls. They're tough, they're fearless, and they won't take "No" for an answer!"
(vroom, vroom, peel out)
" See, the Go-Gettem Girls take on Washington D.C., and the men who "think" they're in charge".
(Brawl scene with Barrack Obama).
"Don't mess with The Go-Gettem Girls" (They hop on motorcycles and drive away)"or they'll mess with you!"

Then I'll suggest she watches these movie clips for more ideas....

I'd like to think Janimal loves all my ideas... like starting a "Borderlands Zombie Killer Squad" and a Sarah Palin rhine-stone studded "signature" gun collection to help finance their Presidential run. Ah, but I say too much....
O.K., I need to get a life and start painting again. I'll get right on that!


  1. um. i may suffer from ADD but there is one thing that i pay attention to and that is THIS Blog! and heck i missed it tons when it was gone. i say we drive Mustangs and wreak havoc on their motorcycles plans. till then "Let the Wild Rumpus begin!"

  2. I just re-watched that movie last night, KC. It really is a great one! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Hey GB we forgot to get out your melmac and they were right by the SCRABBLE area. Darn it, missed opportunity, and a mug you left a great while ago.

  4. What makes pretty girls go bad and become more cruel than the brutal men they live with? Oh, this clip is full of hilarious lines!