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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Cathryn, the chef who is opening the high-end organic yogurt shop, and for whom I will soon be painting mangoes and guava fruit, is Ruby's personal chef.
So who is this Ruby, anyway?
I don't watch T.V., so I don't know. Let's find out... shall we?

That's cool! Wendy says Ruby is an extremely nice person, dig it!


  1. I've seen two of the shows, while travelling, it's on some strange cable channel I don't get, but Ruby is very inspirational for me. Cool, ok, you already knew about that travel stuff. Wonder when you are leaving? Tomorrow? Have some special kick ass Gretchen and Shawnee fun with Wendy mixed in! xoKP

  2. We leave tomorrow (fly early Tues) and will be there for a week. We'll be staying aboard the "S.S. Smelly Cat", Wendy's houseboat, which apparently still needs more cleaning from the last owner's cat!

  3. wow. have fun. safe travels hope you are already there havin a blast.