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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Girl on a Motorcycle

Last night I watched this smokin' hot 60's flick called "The Girl on a Motorcycle", starring Marianne Faithfull. I highly recommend this film.

Marianne Faithfull's outfit alone is worth the watch, but this movie has a great soundtrack, beautiful cinematography, and fantastic motorcycle scenes.

You might want to add just a touch of Marianne into your life, I'm just sayin'.

The soundtrack rules, I downloaded it today and you can buy it off ITunes!
The soundtrack is by Les Reed, who also wrote "It's Not unusual", "Daughter of Darkness","Delilah", and "What's New Pussycat", for Tom Jones.
He also wrote a lot of other hits like "There's a kind of hush", "The green, green grass of home" and countless other songs. Wow, who knew?


  1. OMG It's being added to my netflix right after this. This looks tasty! Yum, can't wait! PS The Bombs coming on Friday thru Sunday!

  2. thanks GB ...i am adding to my Netflix

  3. COOL! Yes, I think you'll both love this movie. Marianne doesn't sing, by the way, she just looks fantastic! The soundtrack is cool, by the Les Reed, who composed lots of popular hits in his day.